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Genizer™ is dedicated to advancing homogenizer technology. We provide high pressure homogenizer and chambers compatible for microfluidizer, microfluidics, BEE international and Avestin. Our mission is to provide our customers with the better experience testing various techniques of high pressure homogenization to discover the optimal process. Our high pressure testing homogenizers are portable, and compatible with the connection of the chamber of the Microfluidizer, and developed in response to customer demand for low-cost nanotechnology testing processes with adjustable high pressure levels.

Our Y-type Diamond Interaction Chambers have the highest durability and performance. The chambers use high pressure connections (1/4" and 3/8" 60,000 psi) from HIP Company which is fully compatible with the Microfluidizers. Besides Microfluidizer, we provide Y-type Diamond interaction Chambers with various high pressure connections, which are fully compatible and interchangeable with the nozzles of BEE International as well as Avestin, with the advantage of greater durability and a longer warranty.

Our pro-Y-Type Diamond Interaction Chamber features real-time cooling, which provides unmatched heat exchange efficiency. Without chamber cooling, the outside temperature of a working chamber can exceed 80ºC and much higher from the inside, which reduces the quality of the product. For example, in the pharmaceutical industry, an overheated chamber leads to the formation of oversized particles. Particles in the parenteral > 5 microns (µm) or PFAT5 > 0.05% are not favored by the FDA and United States Pharmacopeia (USP) 729. During cell disruption, protein activity will also be compromised. Further, the real-time cooling chamber is a better choice for preparation of Emulsified Fuel in the safer temperature. The traditional method cools the chamber by immersing it entirely in cooling liquid, but the chamber's thick steel cover makes this an ineffective solution.

Upgrade to pro-Y-type Interaction Chamber: Upgrade your F12Y or F20Y diamond or ceramic chamber to the brand-new, patent F12Y-RT or F20Y-RT diamond chamber with real-time cooling systems.Available for a limited time. Upgrade Now

2015 New:  Y-Type Diamond Chambers are finished with electro polishing and inner passivation for pharmaceutical application.

Multi Diamond interaction chambers assembly: The chambers assembly are designed to connect more than 4 chambers with one high pressure tubing. The flow rate of 4 chambers assembly of multi-slotted Diamond interaction chamber is 1000L/hr. The flow rate of 8 chambers assembly of multi-slotted Diamond interaction chamber is 2000L/hr. The 4 chambers assembly is listed below.

Geinizer_F20Y_RT_Multi_Slotted__Chamber_M7250 Geinizer_F20Y_RT_Multi_Slotted__Chamber_M110EH Genizer_Chambers_Microfluidzer Liposome HandExtruder High Pressure_homogenizer handgenizer NanoGenizer_110P_30K_Front Jaketed Liposome_Extruder Nitrogen Pipe NanoGenizer_110P_30K_RightFront